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I am delighted to welcome you to IET College. IET is a very special Institute. Our ethos and commitment of the highest standard in education have made IET into the Ghaziabad's premier Colleges. I hope as you read these words and browse the website you will start to see just how special it is.

We set very high academic standards. Students come here and want to do their best. They work incredibly hard to achieve not only their hopes and dreams, but also the hopes and dreams of their families. Together, the culture we create is one of success. Our examination results are remarkable and IET students are found at all the top Indian universities & corporate house.

Life at IET is not just about academic brilliance, the great strength of the College is its sense of community. Our students come to us from all over India, but they share common bonds: they value learning, respect each other and appreciate the skills and expertise of their teachers. Students also find that the College is small enough to feel it is their home away from home. In this supportive environment we give young people the chance to develop the skills, self-confidence and maturity they will require in their adult lives.

With the changing times of privatisation of higher education and internationalism, we are also bringing a big change in academic environment. We are establishing our new campus in 72000 sq. yards in lush green, pollution free environment. Our new building with new facilities like national level library, computer labs, wi-fi campus, computerised class rooms and modern playground of national standard shall make us and you superior than others.

Our pedagogy at IET not only provide academic excellence, but also provide a sense of community with bonding to value learning, respect for each other and providing different skills and expertise to adjust and compete in the neck throat competition.

I hope and wish, our students will enjoy their education and stay at IET.


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